Ms symptoms

Ms symptoms

October 11, 2018 0 By Dr. Jose Rodriguez

Because the Central Nervous System (CNS) has so many functions and MS presents itself in so many different ways, it is impossible to make an exact list of MS symptoms. However, you may have a few of the symptoms and not have MS at all. However, as a general rule, whether you think, or know, you have MS or not, if you have any one of these conditions and it persists you should contact your doctor. 



The symptoms of MS can be set into 7 sets:

  • Sensory symptoms of MS

These include: partial or complete numbness in body parts, tingling or buzzing sensations, shooting pains, electric shock type pains when moving the head.

  • Motor symptoms

Mild or total weakness or paralysis of muscles, twitching muscles, jerky movements, foot dragging, slurred speech.

  • Visual problems

Blurred vision, eye pain, loss of vision, flashing lights, uncoordinated eyes.

  • Cognitive signs of MS

Impairment to the production and comprehension of speech; short or long term memory problems.

  • Problems with movement and balance

Shaking, poor coordination, nausea, poor limb position, impaired speech, abnormal balance due to inner ear impairment.

  • Bowel, bladder and sexual symptoms of MS

Urinary urgency or incontinence, hesitance or resistance, impotence (male and female), lack of bowel movement, bowel incontinence.

  • Other

Increased severity with heat, acid reflux, impaired taste or smell, difficulty breathing and swallowing, epileptic seizures.

The severity, combination and order in which symptoms may arise will vary according to the form of the disorder and the individual patient. What is consistent is that, until now, MS has been seen as an untreatable degenerative condition, but with the arrival of CCSVI and the liberation method the prognosis for MS sufferers has changed dramatically.